Jewelry for Crocheters in turquoise shades

Three new pieces of jewelry for crocheters

I can’t stop designing new pieces for my jewelry collection.
Last weekend I made this three pendants in turquoise shades:


First of all I produced the turquoise crochet hook of cold porcelain and gave it a crocheted handle with mottled cotton yarn.
This hook is 7 cm/2.8 Inch long.
The pendant comes with a silver hanger and a chain with lobster clasp (lengths 700 mm/(27.6 inch).

cold porcelain crochet hook pendant

Then I crocheted a mini ball of yarn with cotton yarn in light turquoise, stuffed it and incorporated a polymer clay crochet hook in black.
This diameter ball of yarn is 2 cm/0.8 inch and the crochet hook length is 3 cm/1.2 inch.
The pendant Comes with a slightly shorter chain with lobster clasp: 40 cm/15.7 Inch, (Extension: 5 cm/2 Inch)

polymer clay hook necklace

At last I decided to produce a key chain. I crocheted the ball of yarn with turquoise cotton yarn, stuffed it and chose a crochet hook in sand.
I sew the key chain in silver that is 5 cm/2 inch long.

mini crochet hook keychain

I like all three pieces and I have lots of color combination ideas in my head!
I think I will continue with pendants with knitting needles!

What would be your favorite piece and color combination?

9 thoughts on “Jewelry for Crocheters in turquoise shades

  1. Tina

    Lovely color in the pieces, I am a turquoise fan. 🙂
    I like the key chain, perfect for those that don’t wear jewelry but are crocheters.

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