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It’s time for bright colors and beautiful crochet patterns!

I am already in a spring mood! And Easter is not far away. So I started to design colorful cheerful accessories for breakfast and Easter table, which are now available as crochet patterns in my shop!

Egg Basket with Egg Cups

First at all I’ve crocheted an Egg Basket with Egg Cups.
The basket is crocheted with a double bottom and edge! It includes seven egg cup, which can of course also be used separately!
I deliberately experimented with many colors and different stitches and I think the result is quite impressive.
With my detailed instructions, any practiced crocheter is able to rework the basket easily.
All my instructions include detailed step-bystep explanations, many photos and extra tutorials.

Egg Basket with Egg Cups

egg basket with egg cupsegg basket with egg cups egg basket with egg cupsegg basket with egg cups

Egg Cozies

Next, I got down to Egg Cozies.
I crocheted them with the same pattern and the same colors, so that they fit exactly to the egg basket!
They do not only keep the eggs warm, but conjure with their cute appearance the worst morning grouch a smile in his face.


bunte-gehaekelte-eierwaermer-1601630536-600x458 bunte-gehaekelte-eierwaermer-1292686986-600x454 bunte-gehaekelte-eierwaermer-3795420728-600x454 bunte-gehaekelte-eierwaermer-3383960612-600x450

And it goes still further!

Meanwhile, I can not stop designing with my pattern and therefore there will be more decorating ideas with it!
Do you want a sneak peek?
Next, there will be a lantern!


20160215_154339 20160215_153955 20160215_154346 20160215_154008

And now, I wonder how you like my ideas!
Are you in the mood for crocheting now?

Then grab the pattern and start! It’s fun – I promise!


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  1. Nathalie

    I have no patience for crocheting…and I am not very good at it…but those items are really cool. And I love your color choices, just my style 🙂

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