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Sewing Jewelry – Mini Pincushion with Polymer Clay Needles Necklace, gift for seamstresses, quilters, embroiderers


Mini Pincushion with polymer clay needles

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Product Description

Sewing Jewelry – Mini Pincushion with Polymer Clay Needles Necklace

This pendant with mini pincushion and mini-sewing needles and pins is something special and a perfect gift for any sewers, quilters or embroiderer! Sewing Jewelry for hardworking seamstresses!

The pincushion is crocheted and stuffed.
The small needles and pins are made of polymer clay by hand and placed in the pincushion.
The matching hangers (silver) is sewn.

The pincushion and the needles can be customized according to individual color desires (see color choice)!
The number of needles can be individually adapted!
In the photo you can see the pincushion in purple and needles in light grey. The pinheads are purple and red.

Available colors for pincushion:
1 sun | 2 lollipop | 3 funny | 4 lila mix | 5 lila-blue mix | 6 lava sunshine | 7 jeans color | 8 cloud | 9 earthtone mix | 10 green color mix | 11 ocean | 12 tropic | 13 avocado | 14 aquarell | 15 afrika | 16 nautilus | 17 karibik | 18 fantasy | 19 rose-mottled | white | yellow | light brown | dark brown | light blue | ocean blue | light green | dark green | purple | viola | rose | pink | red | orange

Available needle colors:
each basic color, silver, gold, pearl, granite, glitter white, glitter blue, blue ice quartz, jade green, agate blue, translucent blue, ruby quartz


For immediate available products max. 5 days °
For individual manufacture, please add 7 days to the delivery time!
° Applies for deliveries to Austria.

Additional Information

Color Pincushion

1 sun, 2 lollipop, 3 funny, 4 lila mix, 5 lila-blue mix, 6 lava sunshine, 7 jeans color, 8 cloud, 9 earthtone mix, 10 green color mix, 11 ocean, 12 tropic, 13 avocado, 14 aquarell, 15 afrika, 16 nautilus, 17 karibik, 18 fantasy, 19 rose-mottled, white, yellow, light brown, dark brown, light blue, ocean blue, light green, dark green, purple, viola, rose, pink, red, orange


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