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The story about my jewelry collection for crocheters, knitters and seamstresses

Let me tell you the story about my jewelry collection for crocheters, knitters and seamstresses! I started to develop my jewelry for handcrafters three years ago. I had the idea to create unique jewellery for crocheters and knitters, that would allow them to show their passion for handcrafting and also ...
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Autumn moodboard with crocheted houseshoes

Autum - time of flowers, warm colors and crocheted houseshoes One thing I especially love about autumn, are the beautiful flowers, of which the bright colors appear so wonderful in the warm fall sun light. Autumn is also the main time when I crochet the majority of slippers. And I ...
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3D hearts granny squares book wrapper

The story of the origin of a special gift by designing granny squares and using rainbow color A good friend of mine will retire soon and I decided to design a very special crocheted gift for him. I wanted to do something with hearts and rainbow colors because the theme ...
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I love spring! About dandelions, strawberry blossoms and inspiration for crocheting!

Spring is definitely my favorite season! I love it when the birds are singing and all the fresh green crops out! My absolute favorite among the spring flowers is the dandelion! Its sunny yellow is so affirmative and makes me happy! I have a baskets decorated with this wonderful flower in ...
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Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks with gilded and silver plated heads and shafts

New Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks with metallic effect Although I currently have very little time, I was able to realize one of my ideas on new pieces for my jewelery collection for handcrafters. I had the idea to provide my crochet hooks with metal effect. Therefore I bought metal leaf in gold ...
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take a break - colorful crochet

About listlessness, breaks and colorful indulging myself!

Sometimes it's neccessary to take a break! In recent times I'm really challenged by my family, all before by my children. There were and are many unexpected events that take away my strength. A unmistakable sign that something is wrong with me always is when I do not even like to ...
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Jewelry for Crocheters in turquoise shades

Three new pieces of jewelry for crocheters I can't stop designing new pieces for my jewelry collection. Last weekend I made this three pendants in turquoise shades: First of all I produced the turquoise crochet hook of cold porcelain and gave it a crocheted handle with mottled cotton yarn. This ...
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A new member in my jewelry collection: Polymer Clay Crochet Hook with Crocheted Handle

A new member in the collection: polymer clay crochet hook with crocheted handle I really love my collection of jewellery for handcrafters and therefore try to invent new variants constantly. A few weeks ago I reported about testing a new modeling clay - Wepam. It has turned out that this cold ...
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free crochet pattern napkin rings

Free Crochet Pattern Colorful Napkin Rings

 Free Crochet Pattern Colorful Napkin Rings With my current favorite pattern have already designed an Egg basket with Egg Cups, Egg Cozies and a lantern, from which the crochet Patterns can be found in my shop. Well I thought, it's time to post a free guide here on the blog with this ...
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Crocheted Colorful Lantern, Crochet Pattern

All good things come in threes! Crochet Pattern lantern is ready!

Crochet Pattern Lantern I just managed it! As I promised in my last blogpost I continued working with my colorful pattern and now my crochet pattern lantern is ready! You can use this lantern with tealights or candles and of course also as a vase! The crochet pattern comes, as ...
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